Welcome to CLTRE

CLTRE reclaims the term “culture” by developing our culturally rich neighborhoods and empowering our neighbors within them.

We believe in land ownership and commerce as the key to preserving our neighborhoods and securing our lasting legacy.

There is no CLTRE Without You

At CLTRE, we believe in your power to shape your neighborhoods and are here to support you in making that difference.

Our programs, dedicated staff, and warm and inviting spaces are designed to empower you on your journey: whether you’re aspiring to launch or grow a business, find retail space or investments for your existing business, or achieve homeownership.

We’re more than just a company – we’re a community of passionate neighbors working together to build a better future. Let’s connect!

How We Shift CLTRE

At CLTRE, we develop the capacity of our neighborhood(s) by empowering you, our neighbors, with the resources, guidance, and opportunity to sell, shop, and own – in our Oak Park and Midtown locations and the neighborhoods you live in.

CLTRE Building

We develop the infrastructure of culturally rich neighborhoods, focusing on residential and commercial real estate development and investment.

CLTRE Making

We drive economic development at the individual level through our three commerce programs: the business incubator, the accelerator, and the CLTRE start-up fund. We also create vibrant community spaces for events and reimagined retail experiences.

CLTRE Keeping

We preserve the essence of culturally rich neighborhoods through anti-displacement policy efforts and our first-time home buyers program.

Invest, Contribute, Collaborate with Us

Learn how to partner with CLTRE to support our current projects and initiatives.

Whether you’re an investor, a donor, or an organization looking to collaborate, we welcome you to join us in our mission to build sustainable, thriving neighborhoods.

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