CLTRE Partners

Dedicated to showcasing and supporting the exceptional businesses that contribute to our communities’ well-being. This directory is a tribute to our partners, whose tireless efforts have helped build and maintain a thriving economy. We recognize the incredible value that our partners bring, not just in terms of their products and services, but also in their contributions to our cultural identity. Through this directory, we aim to honor and celebrate our partners, whose passion and commitment continue to drive us forward. We encourage everyone to check out our partner directory and discover the incredible businesses that make our communities stronger.

Empowerment Partners

Sacramento Financial Empowerment Center

Financial Empowerment Center

Through the Financial Empowerment Center, the City of Sacramento offers free professional one-on-one financial navigation and coaching for local residents.

Financial Coaching (available in English and Spanish to all local residents) is for those who would like support in building long-term financial health

Other Directories

Creative Business DefineD

By joining CLTRE, you gain access to an extensive range of resources, connections, and expertise specifically tailored to the needs of the creative industry. Collaborate with fellow visionaries and explore exciting opportunities for collaboration that can propel your business to new heights.

Small Business Directory

This directory is all about celebrating and promoting the incredible small businesses that make our cultures thrive. We encourage everyone to use this guide to shop local and help sustain the cultural heritage that makes our neighborhoods special.